This intimate package is a deep dive into running a child care business. Backed with years of hands-on experience in the field, Ms. Charlonda will guide you every step of the way from start to finish.  Gain access to my Secret Child Care Vault which offers you all the tools you need to get the ball rolling. Need me on-site? We can make the arrangements.

It’s 100% possible to own your dream child care business.
You just need a little direction to make it happen!

Investment: $500

Spend time with One-on-one to gain clarity and make a real living out of your passion in child care.  Gain two weeks of laser-focused coaching designed uniquely for your business. This coaching package is done via phone calls, text and email depending on your preference.

Your business is in good hands!

Investment: $300

My proven, easy-to-implement meal preparation and menu planning system is made available to you in this package.  This is the best solution I can offer for a busy child care facility!

Investment: $60

Spend time with me on the phone for a powerful 40 minutes as we discuss  business strategies and techniques not taught anywhere else. Thanks to my experience working in industry from many years now.

Investment: $60

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