My oldest son started at Holabird Early Learning Center when he was only 14 1/2 months old. He attended the center until he was 4 1/2 years old. Within that time frame he learned so much. He started Pre-K knowing his whole name, writing his whole name, shapes, letters, alphabets, colors and so on. They provided meals and snacks as well. The staff was great and treated my oldest son as their own.
My youngest son also started at 14 1/2 months old. He came to Holabird Early Learning Center crawling, barely able to talk, sucking a pacifier, and bottle. Just two months into attending the center, he was walking and forming so many words. Three months in the center he was pacifier and bottle free with no trouble! A year later, he knows his name, alphabets, numbers etc. He's grown so much since his first day. They even help with potty training!
Even with the three year gap between when my oldest son and youngest son started H.E.L.C, the staff are still wonderful, friendly and very trustworthy. They continue to treat both my boys as their own even though my oldest son no longer attend the center! If you are looking for an amazing place to put your child/ren, H.E.L.C is the place to be! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Kay Monroe
Kay MonroeParent of 2 kids

My son's have been going to Holabird Early Learning Center for almost two years now and we love it! When my oldest son started he was two. After enrolling him I noticed he was able to recognize letters, numbers, and sing educational songs (these are things he didn't learn at his previous daycare provider). Their daily circle times have really helped him grow both educational and socially.
My youngest son started at 8 weeks and since the first day he entered the doors they welcomed him with loving arms. They texted me pictures of him daily so that I would feel at ease.
The teachers keep an open line of communication day and night. They truly care about every child, and their families, well being.
I highly recommend this center for any family!

Cynthia Rose
Cynthia RoseParent of 2 kids

My daughter attended HELC from age 8 months until she was 5 years old. I can honestly say that the teaching program at HELC was pivotal in her development. She entered kindergarten well prepared!
I was extremely pleased with the professionalism, patience, and daily care provided by Sophia, Charlonda, and “Grandma”. My daughter always came home with pleasant stories to share. Every Birthday was greeted with a party at the center and every holiday was celebrated with festivities. It was a pleasure to know that my child was safe, well cared for and that she was receiving healthy meals! I mean the meals were COLORFUL and full of healthy choices and I didn’t have to pay any additional fees.
I would HIGHLY recommend this childcare facility for your child! You won’t be disappointed!

Mikee Hart
Mikee HartParent of 3 kids

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